7.1 Imperfect Buddha Podcast: “The Big Enlightenment Show”


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Stuart & I have made what may be our most controversial episode yet. We tackle Buddhist Enlightenment© and its taboos and do what many Buddhists would likely consider sacrilegious. A few of the questions we tackle include;

  1. What is it?
  2. Who’s got it?
  3. Can it be understood, formulated in a way that could liberate the masses as a form of human practice?
  4. Why bother? Is it the shiznit?
  5. How would it look if unreliant on Buddhism?
  6. What could a secular, humanist outlook as the basis for reconfiguring it produce?
  7. Who are the top ten enlightened dudes?
  8. How can you spot a fake?

It’s the sort of material that could drive masses of keyboard warriors to start quoting their favourite Buddhist books or teachers in a furious, emotive rant against all that is evil, for the first time encapsulated in an hour and twenty four minutes of a Soundcloud download.

If you are brave enough, download or stream the latest episode and enjoy a rather interesting take on Buddhism’s ultimate goal. We had fun with it and raised as many questions as we may have answered, which hopefully one of our upcoming guests will respond to.

Come and get enlightened.

Come and listen to the Imperfect Buddha Podcast.

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