Post-traditional Buddhism: getting practical

A common request from those travelling around the Buddhist periphery looking for alternatives to traditional Buddhism is for innovators and critics to provide practical solutions and responses to the theoretical critique being made. I myself have been one of those who at various times in the past has asked for something practical to be done … Continue reading Post-traditional Buddhism: getting practical

6.1 Imperfect Buddha Podcast: Engaged Buddhism & the apolitical trend

  Latest Episode: click here We’re back! The Imperfect Buddha Podcast’s new episode arrives just in time for the New Year. This time out, we’re exploring Engaged Buddhism and the question of whether to engage or disengage. We discuss how Buddhism could provide tools and practices to support those engaging with the political landscape and … Continue reading 6.1 Imperfect Buddha Podcast: Engaged Buddhism & the apolitical trend

Reconsidering enlightenment: A post-traditional reconfiguration (1)

  ‘If you are too well connected, you stop thinking. The clamour, the immediacy, the tendency to absorb other people’s thoughts, interrupt the deep abstraction required to find your own way.’ George Monbiot Introduction This piece was written to fill a void. One that I see as being the denial of the more ambitious aims … Continue reading Reconsidering enlightenment: A post-traditional reconfiguration (1)

Meditation; some post-traditional thoughts

Who’s meditating? Many who come to Buddhism see meditation as being its essence. However, as many Buddhist scholars like to point out, in most Asian countries, meditation is, and always has been, practised by an extremely small percentage of Buddhists, like really, almost nobody. Buddhism for the masses has long been primarily about worship, prayer, … Continue reading Meditation; some post-traditional thoughts

Phenomenology of Awakening (Buddhist Geeks 2014?) This is a video submission that I made for the Buddhist Geeks conference, 2014. The transcript is below with a couple of modifications. if you like this blog, or the ideas contained within the video, perhaps you would consider voting for my submission over at the BGs website, which will contribute to my talk … Continue reading Phenomenology of Awakening (Buddhist Geeks 2014?)