Free Speech and Buddhism

The recent events in Paris have stimulated a lot of discussion regarding free speech in the press, blogs and across social networks and the issue of whether free speech equals having the right to insult others has been centre stage in discussion taking place in the UK. I wanted to say a few words on … Continue reading Free Speech and Buddhism

Eightfold Path – Right Speech (2)

Some thoughts to start off with Speech is energy in motion and it feeds movement. When we are mindless in our speech, it tends to go out and feed ongoing patterns of fixed referencing that define the roles we end up in, and identify with. These roles are multiple; an interwoven network of positions that … Continue reading Eightfold Path – Right Speech (2)

Eightfold Path – Right Speech (1)

‘Buddhist ethics are based on the notion of harmony’   Introduction; intent and view Falsification and fabrication lie at the heart of wrong speech. Together with destructiveness and cruelty they make up the dark edges that mark unmindful and unhelpful speech. Truth and authenticity instead are integral features of Right Speech along with modes of … Continue reading Eightfold Path – Right Speech (1)