Buddhist Bullshit

I generally avoid getting political on this blog. Not because I am apolitical, or think it too messy a subject to broach, but because I have used this blog primarily as an exercise in exploring ideas and experiences I personally find curious and interesting so it’s been a primarily personal affair. Although I have been … Continue reading Buddhist Bullshit

Meditation; some post-traditional thoughts

Who’s meditating? Many who come to Buddhism see meditation as being its essence. However, as many Buddhist scholars like to point out, in most Asian countries, meditation is, and always has been, practised by an extremely small percentage of Buddhists, like really, almost nobody. Buddhism for the masses has long been primarily about worship, prayer, … Continue reading Meditation; some post-traditional thoughts

Considering enlightenment: a project in reconfiguration (1)

A post-traditional reconfiguration of Enlightenment By Matthew O’Connell "If you are too well connected, you stop thinking. The clamour, the immediacy, the tendency to absorb other people’s thoughts, interrupt the deep abstraction required to find your own way." George Monbiot Introduction This piece was written to fill a void. One that I see as being … Continue reading Considering enlightenment: a project in reconfiguration (1)

Big up Post-Traditional Buddhism

(This is part two of an article on Post-Traditional Buddhism written for the Elephant Journal. Part.1 can be found here: Post-traditional Buddhism: the quiet revolution?) Part 2: Big up Post-Traditional Buddhism  My new bride on the spiritual path is perhaps best defined as Post-Traditional Buddhism. A term I picked up from Hokai Sobol, who is … Continue reading Big up Post-Traditional Buddhism