6.1 Imperfect Buddha Podcast: Engaged Buddhism & the apolitical trend

  Latest Episode: click here We’re back! The Imperfect Buddha Podcast’s new episode arrives just in time for the New Year. This time out, we’re exploring Engaged Buddhism and the question of whether to engage or disengage. We discuss how Buddhism could provide tools and practices to support those engaging with the political landscape and … Continue reading 6.1 Imperfect Buddha Podcast: Engaged Buddhism & the apolitical trend

Mindfulness of Phenomena (2)

  '(An) unchanging, unitary, autonomous self is non-existent. Our existence is nominal. Devoid of an owned, inherent nature.’ Allan Wallace. ‘All our anxieties and difficulties come from our inability to see the true face, or true sign of things.’ Thich Nhat Hanh If Buddhism denies a permanent self, then how do we deal with the … Continue reading Mindfulness of Phenomena (2)

Mindfulness: Introduction

For this section I have taken inspiration from Thich Nhat Hanh. Hanh is a spokesman and elder of mindfulness; a Vietnamese Zen monk, and international figure in promoting world-peace and civil rights. He was also nominated for the Nobel Peace prize by Martin Luther King and he is probably the world’s most famous Buddhist after … Continue reading Mindfulness: Introduction