The Imperfect Buddha Podcast Episode 2.1 & 2.2


The new episode of the podcast is up and can be downloaded or listened to freely online at Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

In this two-part episode, we start a meander along the road of contemporary western Buddhism stopping to introduce some of those who are attempting innovation in one manner or another. We talk about Reggie Ray and his continuation of Chogyam Trungpa’s project of westernising Buddhist Tantra. We discuss the Aro-Ter and their eccentric approach and Ken McLeod and his Unfettered Mind.

Join in the fun; comment, criticise, add insight over at our dedicated Facebook page, or insult us on Twitter. It’s all good as far as we’re concerned.

Part 2.2 looks into the Buddhist Geeks, Dharma Overground, Daniel Ingram & Kenneth Folk, and the bad boys of the American scene, the Speculative non-Buddhism posse of Glenn Wallis, Tom Pepper and Matthias Steingass, as well as the remains of their controversial project.

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