Podcast Episode 3.1: important follow up

Dear Listeners,

We recently put out a podcast episode covering cultish behaviour in Buddhism and discussed some of those behaviours along with how they are expressed in a number of small and large Buddhist groups. We also managed to make a mistake which needs clarifying here.

In that episode, which has since been edited to remove the offending section, we, or better I, made three assertions concerning the figure of Indy Hack. This was an unfortunate mistake on my part and I wish to clarify that mistake here so listeners who may have heard the earlier edit can be clear on the issue. Indy Hack has asked me to clarify three points and I am happy to do so here for the benefit of mutual understanding and good faith. I made false assertions about Indy Hack’s work, as follows:

  1. Fabrication of articles: I wrongly stated that Indy Hack fabricates articles. I have understood from Indy hack that this is not true and I apologise for stating so. This was a mistake on my part.
  2. Membership of the NKT: I unwittingly assumed Indy Hack was a member of the NKT. Indy Hack has informed me that this is not true so again this was a mistake on my part. I apologise for making this assumption.
  3. CIA & the Dalai Lama: I incorrectly associated a story I had heard about the CIA and Dalai Lama to Indy Hack. This was a genuine mistake. Indy Hack has not told this story and again it was a mistake on my part to have made this link.

It is worth noting that Indy Hack has been helpful in clarifying these issues and we at the Imperfect Buddha Podcast will strive to do better with future episodes. We wish Indy Hack all the best with his work. We also wish clarity and wisdom to all those venturing into the public sphere with podcasts. This is the last I will mention of this unless events take a strange turn.

Matthew O’Connell


  1. I think you made only a fault in the third point.

    Point one is true. He fabricates articles by making up stories, e.g. like in my case calling me a Stasi trained CTA agent. This is from a mundane perspective* 1) an insult, 2) not true, 3) made up, and 4) slander. There is far more of what he makes up, this is just an example of the few things I read from him and where I definitely know its untrue because it is about myself.

    The second point is highly likely true though so far it could not be proved because he hides his identity.

    I think you make a mistake to take a self-proclaimed anonymous “journalist” who blackmails in a very vile manner ex-NKT (see the post on my blog regarding this), someone who makes up stories, someone who invents facts that are in reality non-existent, someone who distorts backgrounds and events to spin a conspiracy theory too seriously. Its a hysterical guy/girl/group who use tiny things to blow them up to big stories, mixing it with semi-truths and untruths to form a world that fits the NKT ideology of imagining this world. Its exactly what cults like the NKT or Scientology are meant to do. Its not the work of a “journalist”. Behind his anonymity he can claim what ever he likes. What creditability doe this guy/girl/group have to be taken so seriously? Why are you taking him seriously? I just ignore him as I would ignore a stupid bully at school.

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    • I think you are absolutely right, Tenzin. Indy hack is an unpleasant manifestation of a manipulative cult mentality. All they do is spread lies to attack former NKT members.
      They make the absurd claim that they have to be anonymous for their own safety. How many open and honest journalists investigate organised crime and corrupt governments without hiding behind a pseudonym? But so-called Indy Hack needs to hide their identity, not for safety, but to hide the fact that they are not independent at all. And what powerful criminal network are they investigating? The Mafia or a corrupt Russian oligarch? No. Just the victims of a harmful and manipulative cult. Ridiculous.
      I think Matthew has afforded IH far more than they deserve.


  2. Yes you are being very polite and allowing , which is fine . A very respected academic who thought indy hack was a proper and sincere journalist and was used , abused and had his words manipulated by indyhack to further his/her /their own propaganda and strange agenda described the anonymous indy hack as follows
    “The person running this website is utterly shameless and immoral , his her behaviour is beneath contempt .”
    The academic was referring to”” are Buddhists racist website ” its a very nasty and unpleasant website in my view , they need compassion and help I would of thought .


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