Rounding up with post-modernity: Ann Gleig on American Dharma & Buddhism Beyond Modernity


Here we are, the last in our three-part series on Buddhist Modernism, post-Modernism, and what comes after. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and found it educational so far and are ready for the final episode!

Professor Ann Gleig joins the podcast from sunny Florida for a discussion of her brand new book ‘American Dharma: Buddhism Beyond Modernity‘. Our discussion centers on her text, and expands out to touch on issues such as social justice, recent sexual scandals in Buddhist communities, the loss of boundaries between the academic and practitioner, and obviously, lots more. A big theme in Ann’s book is the development of post-modern influences in the current western Buddhist landscape and she explores multiple modernities and the ways scholars are attempting to make sense of the changes afoot, which you dear listener are part of. Ann’s book is as new as can be, surveying the current landscape of American Buddhism and beyond and extremely affordable, so why not get yourself a copy.

Find out more about Ann at:

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Post-Traditional Buddhism:


Music from Bristol’s Idles. I couldn’t resist putting on their very punky ‘White Privilege‘, which will make sense when you get to  end of the interview. Be warned though, it is very punky.

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