62. IBP: Introducing 2020


What’s coming up in 2020 in the coming months? Find out by listening to this tidy little introduction and update on the podcast.

Music provided by Funki Poricini: funkiporcini.bandcamp.com/



  1. Hi Matthew, I’m not sure how to navigate the https://imperfectbuddha.com/ website to find these pages where there can be discussion. The PODCAST link at the top of the page goes to a general description and from there there are links to the podcast episodes on Soundcloud. It looks like you are using WordPress, maybe there is a way to have an EPISODES link at the top of the page and from there list the pages based on a category. At the moment to find these pages I use Google to search for a keyword on your site (maybe I am just missing something obvious about the site navigation!!). Perhaps a plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/list-category-posts would make it easy to list all the podcasts (if they have been assigned a category in WordPress). I look forward to hearing more about the workshops. Mark


    • Hi Mark, If you scroll down from the main page, there is all the new content posted. Not being much of an expert on sites, I’ve done what I can and Soundcloud seem only to provide playlists as plug-ins, rather than a constantly updating player. I shall look into it further at some point may enlist the help of a pro, but do like being autonomous in managing content myself. I’ll look into your suggestion. Thanks for writing. Matthew


  2. Hi Matthew, ah it was my misunderstanding, I did not realize that the main page had all the episodes. That works well for finding older episode’s comment pages, thanks. Maybe just ignore my remark! On the main page there is probably a way to list just a summary of each post, rather than the full content, some of the posts are long and it makes for a huge page 🙂 I agree that it is best to keep control over the site if you can, WordPress should allow that.


    • Yet, it’s not perfect. I’m in a bit of a dilemma, in that I would like to make certain changes, but don’t have the skills, but do want to keep the autonomy I currently enjoy. You’ve identified the two changes I wish to make; an automatically updated player for the podcast, and a middle ground for content on the main page between the whole text, and just a heading. Perhaps that’s more information than you need mark, but I think I probably need to find help!


      • You need to find a buddhist software engineer in need of coaching 😉 I am neither a buddhist nor a software engineer, but I’ve used WordPress several times and have a more technical background than most. If you want to share the suffering, then email me and we could take a look together with you sharing your screen (e.g. via Skype), so I can see how things are currently setup. Reducing the content on the main page “should” be fairly simple.

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  3. Hi Mark,

    I had a few hours free today and was sufficiently sleepy to waste time playing around with the site on my own. I’ve been unexpectedly productive and have found a way to add a playlist and media player and a donations button too. See what you think.

    I haven’t forgotten about your offer to chat at some point. If that’s still going, perhaps you can send me your email contact? I could do with bouncing a few incomplete ideas for episodes, directions and topics off someone as well informed as yourself.

    My email remains: imperfectbuddha@outlook.com



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