82. IBP: Richard K. Payne on Securalizing Buddhism

From immanent Buddhism to cruel optimism, from secular subjectivity to the unconscious material running through your personal practice, today’s episode features a returning guest in the figure of Richard K. Payne who is here to discuss his latest work and the contributions made by many great authors thinking deeply and critically about contemporary Buddhism.

Published by Shambhala Publications, Secularizing Buddhism was released on the 3rd August, so if you like what you hear, why not consider getting a copy. It features contributions from Ron Purser, David L. McMahan, Bikkhu Bodhi, Sara Shaw, Gil Fronsdal and many more.

Richard K. Payne’s first interview with us on Critical Reflections on Buddhism Imperfect-buddha-podcast – 48-ibp-richard-k-payne-critical-reflections-on-western-buddhism

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