It’s a changing world: The Imperfect Buddha Podcast is moving home.

So folks, the Imperfect Buddha Podcast has a new home, at least the audio does. We’re leaving Soundcloud, heading off to new pastures, crossing the pond. The new home will be at the New Books Network. Episodes will continue to be posted here at the site too.


It’s currently the home for intelligent conversations intended to raise the level of public discourse and provide something along the lines of public education for thinking adults. So, if you wish to carry on listening to this lovely little pod, go and subscribe over at the site, and take a look around at their other offerings.  

Our plan is to fire up the old podcast and bring you regular conversations and think pieces with a curvature towards the practising life and the application of the ideas and possibilities we have explored and will continue exploring.

Our next episodes over there will feature two interviews with folks from the world of Secular Buddhism; Winton Higgins and Stephen Batchelor, and two think pieces; the first Practice Item and the second, which is on practising with doubt. There may even be a third.

The podcast continues to be sponsored by O’Connell Coaching. Get in touch if you’re interested in engaging with the topics this podcast has explored and their impact on the practising life. Or perhaps you simply wish to start up a practice without the need to give up your critical faculties.


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