92. Jason M. Wirth on Zen, the Kyoto School, and whether Nietzsche is a Buddha

What is a practitioner today?

This question runs through the unexpectedly rich conversation I had with this episode’s guest, Jason M. Wirth. Jason is a philosophy professor at Seattle University and a Zen Priest. He is extremely well-versed in Western Philosophy, including those mischievous folks that make up the continental tradition, and his engagement with them has informed his relationship with Zen, the Buddha path and the practising life. Likewise, his Zen has shaped the contours of his interest in philosophy. Jason uses the term co-illuminating to describe this exchange and fratellanza, I would simply say that old Jason is a regular diner at the Great Feast.

We cover Nietzsche among Buddhas, nihilism and its challenges, Gramsci and his good sense, Dogen recast as one of the world’s greatest philosophers, ideology, the Kyoto School and its incredibly deep thinkers and practitioners, and Critical Buddhism. There’s more, but that’s enough to paint a picture of where we wandered in this episode.

Come along to the Great Feast, you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. I made a rooky error with the microphone so I will sound a little off for the first two questions. Then after it returns to the quality you’re used to.

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